Portrait Artist - Commissions undertaken

Website is currently under construction

Welcome to my website.

Please feel free to view my Galleries, which contain my  family gallery, baby portraits, plus a portrait I did of my favourite watercolour artist, Charles Evans.

There is also an Animal Gallery, and my Sketchbook which I will be adding to as I complete more pieces.    

Please take time to visit my Slideshow .  It contains a large selection of the drawings on this site condensed into one page for easier viewing. 

The work in progress pages contain drawings shown in various stages of completion as they are done.

There is a short tutorial which covers the basics of drawing, drawing tools, paper to use, plus the simple instructions of how I achieve the correct placement and proportions of a "full face" portrait. 

If you like what you see please leave a message on my Guestbook or use the facilities for you to comment and/or rate my work,  at the bottom of each page.

Thank you for visiting my website, please call again  


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